Source code for magento

from . import clients
from . import search
from . import models
from . import utils
from . import exceptions
import os

__version__ = "2.2.0"

Client = clients.Client
logger = utils.MagentoLogger(
    log_file=utils.MagentoLogger.PACKAGE_LOG_NAME + '.log',
    stdout_level='WARNING'  # Clients will log to console

[docs]def get_api(**kwargs) -> Client: """Initialize a :class:`~.Client` using credentials stored in environment variables Any valid :class:`~.Client` kwargs can be used in addition to and/or instead of environment variables **Usage**:: import magento api = magento.get_api() :param kwargs: any valid kwargs for :class:`~.Client` :raises ValueError: if login credentials are missing """ credentials = { 'domain': kwargs.get('domain', os.getenv('MAGENTO_DOMAIN')), 'username': kwargs.get('username', os.getenv('MAGENTO_USERNAME')), 'password': kwargs.get('password', os.getenv('MAGENTO_PASSWORD')), 'local': kwargs.get('local', False), } if bad_keys := [key for key in credentials if credentials[key] is None]: raise ValueError(f'Missing login credentials for {bad_keys}') else: return Client.from_dict(credentials)
logger.debug('Initialized MyMagento')