Source code for magento.exceptions

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Union, Optional, TYPE_CHECKING, Dict
import requests

    from . import Client

[docs]class MagentoError(Exception): """Base exception class for error responses returned by the Magento API :cvar DEFAULT_MSG: default exception message to use if a message isn't provided """ DEFAULT_MSG = 'An error occurred while processing the request.'
[docs] def __init__(self, client: Client, msg: Optional[str] = None, response: Optional[requests.Response] = None): """Log and raise a MagentoError :param client: an initialized :class:`~.Client` object :param msg: optional exception message; prepended to the error message of the response :param response: optional response to :meth:`parse` an error message from """ self.message = msg if msg else self.DEFAULT_MSG self.logger = client.logger if response is not None: self.message += '\n' + self.parse(response) self.logger.error(self.message) super().__init__(self.message)
[docs] @staticmethod def parse(response: Union[requests.Response, Dict]) -> str: """Parses the error message from the ``response`` :param response: a bad response returned by the Magento API :raises: TypeError if ``response`` is not a :class:`~requests.Response` or :class:`Dict` """ if isinstance(response, requests.Response): response = response.json() elif not isinstance(response, Dict): raise TypeError(f"`response` must be a `dict` or {requests.Response}") message = response.get('message', '') params = response.get('parameters') errors = response.get('errors') if message: message = f'Message: "{message}"' if errors: for error in errors: err_msg = error['message'] err_params = error.get('parameters') if err_params: for param in err_params: err_msg = err_msg.replace(f'%{param}', f'{err_params[param]}') message += '\n' + err_msg if params: if isinstance(params, dict): for param in params: # Same format as error params message = message.replace(f'%{param}', f'{params[param]}') elif isinstance(params, list): # List of param values for i, param in enumerate(params, 1): # Message has params as %{index}, starting from 1 message = message.replace(f'%{i}', param) return message
[docs]class AuthenticationError(MagentoError): """Exception class for errors when trying to :meth:`~.authenticate` a :class:`~.Client`""" DEFAULT_MSG = 'Failed to authenticate credentials.'
[docs] def __init__(self, client: Client, msg: Optional[str] = None, response: Optional[requests.Response] = None): super().__init__(client, msg, response)